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Janus Creative Planning®

JANUS, a Roman God with the gift to see both past and future

Janus Creative Planning® is an aspiration and visualisation technique which can be applied to both strategic goals and everyday challenges, like an iminent meeting, or urgent problem, to provide creative ideas on WHAT TO DO to achieve way beyond “normal” aspirations.

Janus is a potent tool for people in any role - and teams and organisations - to help them meet challenges and solve problems - short, medium or longer term; or recognise and realise opportunities; or set new high-reaching goals (AIM HIGH) - egs: for growth, profitability, competitiveness, CHANGE.

if you know what MUST have happened, you know what you MUST do ! (an epigram from the book "A Little Book of Epigrams")

Creativity at WORK

Our premise is that anyone can be creative - if they decide to be so; if they decide to get out of their comfort zone; if they decide to take risks.

We can include sessions on creativity in any programme - lectures, exercises (lots of exercises!) and reference notes on Creativity, Mind-Mapping and Lateral Thinking.

a lethal weapon for salespeople, negotiators, account managers

- indeed anyone who ever needs

to persuade, influence and/or

negotiate at any level











Janus Creative Planning® is a must for people in any role who are  responsible for their own TIME MANAGEMENT and / or need to plan their own strategies and tactics for, eg, an important meeting, or a plea for a salary rise!