-      helping individuals and teams exploit their post-pandemic OPPORTUNITIES


providing unique weapons which give salespeople (and other “persuaders” in any role) an edge over their competition

  • the psychologies of buying; the Mental Steps

  • assertiveness; use and interpretation of body language

  • cold calling, selling for appointments,

  • selling to the “gatekeeper” egs receptionist, secretary

  • opening the call, building rapport,

  • questioning and listening techniques to establish needs

  • use of the telephone; selling over the telephone

  • pitching, presenting, demonstrating, use of visual aids

  • dealing with objections and closing techniques,

  • negotiating, power negotiating, creative negotiating

  • persuasive presenting and pitching to groups

  • the "social" sell - eg a lunchtime

  • Janus Creative Planning® - Janus for Salespeople

  • ESP - Experiential Salespeople Profiling

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one day, two day or longer workshops and courses, or coaching, or single modules presented in, for example, an

in-house sales meeting; we will always consult and tailor-make to meet the client's needs and resources

Selling and Negotiating Training

On-the-Job Coaching - Selling or Negotiating

Janus for Salespeople ESP (Experiential Salespeople Profiling) The PERSUASIVE Professional Negotiating for WIN-WIN Sales Management

BESPOKE Sales Training

In a 25 year career in sales and since founding Impetus, Rick's favourite actvity has been working on-the-job with salespeople and negotiators at all levels to help them boost their results. Two assumptions inform his approach: salespeople never WANT someone working with them, but do always WANT resources and tools to give them an edge! So Rick's gives them that edge - our unique selling aids: ESP (Experiential Salespeople Profiling) and JANUS for Salespeople.

- a special on-the-job (field or office-based) sales training package from Rick Whitehead

Rick researches to design a bespoke ESP Reference Card (see generic version) and to identify key functional goals that JANUS will deliver. His on-the-job coaching is then not the normal observing and debriefing (that none of us like!) but working together to refine how to USE the tools.

The Special Package - £1.200 for research as necessary and 8 hours coaching in one day or spread over two; or £1.600 for research as necessary and 16 hours coaching spread over two days or more. Negotiable rates for more than one salesperson or executive.

We can provide tailor-made training for salespeople at all levels from our range of modules: